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Featured Breeder: Ryan Arim of RRJ Wolf Kennel

We got another Batangueño joining the list of experts! We met Ryan Arim of RRJ Wolf Kennel from Darasa, Tanauan city, Batangas.

Let’s hear it from another mentor and get more exciting tips!

Q: Which breed/s you started breeding and why?
A: I started breeding dogs since 2016.

Q: Which breed/s you started breeding and why?
A: I started handling breeder dogs (Siberian Husky) when my cousin encouraged me to take care her dogs. She told me that in this way I can earn.

Q: What are your struggles in breeding dogs and how did you overcome it?
A: It’s not easy to handle and care breed dogs. It became my everyday routine to take care of them. I remember when my dog had wounds all over its body. I was very disappointed. All of my dogs were infected. I had to bring them to the Vet for proper medication. It was hard but I overcame it.

Q: What is your advice to new breeders to achieve where you are right now?
A: I love animals. If somebody love them too, you must care for them. Don’t hesitate to care of these animals that will brings you happiness and fulfillment. Those who want to aquire breed dogs, you should be patient. Treat them like humans, talk to them, play with them, give them time and effort. Be focus of what you do.

To the new breeders, to achieve where I am right now is to care, love the dogs not like a pet but part of the family and make sure you have a time, effort, money and most of all a supportive family! I am sure you will have more blessing to come.

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Dog breeding is indeed not as easy as 1,2,3. It needs time, money, passion and a lot of patience. Stay tuned on our next featured breeder and learn the basics of Dog Breeding.

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