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Featured Breeder: Allen Cariño of AC Kennel

Mr. Allen Cariño of AC Kennel is also one of the pillars of Wooly Siberian Huskies in the South!
Probably you have seen his breed bloodlines on some Facebook Groups. We asked him some questions, here are his answers!

Q: When did you start breeding dogs?
A: I started breeding way back 2015.

Q: Which breed/s you started breeding and why?
A: Chow-chow and siberian huskies, because I was challenged when my first female chow-chow died.

Q: What are your struggles in breeding dogs and how did you overcome it?
A: They are too many struggles in breeding, but the most difficult part is when your dogs gets sick and when your puppies die. I overcame it by upgrading my kennel to make sure I can give all my dog’s necessity. I even managed to hire 2 kennel helpers to help me out while I am away and also for strict kennel monitoring.

Q: What is your advice to new breeders to achieve where you are right now?
A: My advice to new breeders is simple, be an honest and transparent breeder. Always keep your feet on the ground. Make sure to give the best care to your beloved pets.

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Makoy (Wooly Siberian Husky)

Dog breeding is indeed not as easy as 1,2,3. It needs time, money, passion and a lot of patience. Stay tuned on our next featured breeder and learn the basics of Dog Breeding.

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